UNT Dallas will honor Class of 2020 with Graduate Recognition livestream event on May 28

UNT Dallas Spring Class of 2020 Grad Recognition livestream event

Out of the COVID-19 crisis has emerged an unstoppable force – the Spring Class of 2020.

Each graduating class faces hurdles and challenges on its way to the finish line, but no class in modern history has been put to the added test of a global pandemic. Many students who were already juggling school, family and even work responsibilities, were then forced to adjust on the fly to finish their coursework without leaving their homes. It wasn’t easy, but they did it. UNT Dallas graduated another record class of more than 400 undergraduates and, for the first time, more than 100 graduate students.

UNT Dallas' traditional commencement ceremony at the 5,000-seat Inspiring Body of Christ Church had to be postponed. To properly honor its graduates now, UNT Dallas has planned the 2020 Graduate Recognition livestream event at noon on Thursday, May 28. UNT Dallas president Bob Mong announced the event in a speech that was released to the UNT Dallas community on Wednesday afternoon. The event will be recorded and available to watch at any time.

“Early on we reminded ourselves, we can’t choose our crises, but we most certainly could determine our response to this public health emergency," Mong said in his speech, speaking directly to the Spring 2020 graduates. "We felt then, and we feel now, that all of us will be judged on how we do during this time. And I think you’re doing really well.”

Graduates are asked to submit celebratory photos and 150-word testimonials that will be included on the new Spring 2020 Graduate Recognition web page. Submissions should be emailed to Jared.Horn@untdallas.edu by Tuesday, May 26, and should answer the following questions:

  • What does your UNT Dallas degree mean to you?
  • How did UNT Dallas prepare you for success in the workforce?
  • Share your favorite memories

The Graduate Recognition web page also includes a message to all of the Spring 2020 graduates, and each graduate’s name is listed in a graduate recognition booklet.