Tara Bush wins award in Texas law student writing competition

Tara Bush of UNT Dallas College of Law Wins Writing Award

Tara Bush of UNT Dallas College of Law won second place in a highly contested writing competition. 

The much-anticipated event was sponsored by The State Bar of Texas Women and the Law Section. It included talented entrants who submitted essays that analyzed legal challenges for women in Texas and/or nationwide, which were solely based on recent news reports. 

The competition was created to assist Texas law school students in their preparation for legal and societal challenges after graduation. 

Bush, a standout student and skilled writer at UNT Dallas College of Law, penned a wonderful essay that sought to increase awareness for issues critical to women in Texas and across the country.   

Bush’s composition, titled #MeToo and #TimesUp: Social Media and the Law Converge, began with thoughts from her first semester of law school. 

In October 2017, she recounted how the #MeToo movement went viral. She credited social media for publicly unmasking misdeeds against women that were perpetrated in private. 

The second point of Bush’s engaging essay shed light on the importance of #TimesUp, which has been recognized as a sister movement fighting against sexual harassment, assault and discrimination in the workplace.  

Having experienced sexual harassment on a previous job, Bush remembered thinking, it’s about time!

Shining a spotlight on the harm committed was key for Bush while crafting the essay because increasing awareness is essential to women in the workplace. 

As her backdrop, Bush noted the tremendous spike in nationwide discussions and newsworthy articles that caused a groundswell of women’s participation in the political process. The direct correlation was a record number of women elected to congress in the 2018 midterms.

Bush is a celebrated writer and is well on her way to achieving success in the law profession after graduation. 

She credits two valuable assets for their encouragement while fostering significant conditions that helped to refine her writing skills. 

Melissa Shultz, Assistant Professor and Director of Legal Writing, and Christine Tamer, Assistant Professor and Assistant Director of Legal Writing at UNT Dallas COL have both provided guidance for Bush within the award-winning Legal Writing Center. 

“Tara Bush is a student who decides she wants to achieve something and, without fail, she does it,” Shultz said. “As a first-year student, Tara set her sights on being a great legal writer. With this goal etched in her mind, she proved to be a top student in all three of her legal writing courses.”

Bush is known for her tenacity. Never completely satisfied, she has served as a Teaching Fellow, a member of Law Review and a research assistant who played a pivotal role in helping Professors Tamer and Shultz to finalize their legal writing textbook, Writing by Numbers.

“As she looked toward the end of her law school career, instead of resting on her laurels, Tara decided to push herself yet again, and told me she wanted to place in a legal writing contest,” Shultz said. “Shortly thereafter, Tara wrote the essay and received a second-place award. As a side note, she is a competitor in another legal writing competition as well, so I would be surprised if this announcement was the last we hear of Ms. Bush’s successes before she graduates from UNT Dallas.”

Professor Tamer felt good about Bush’s chances while preparing her essay. “We are extremely proud that Tara Bush won the second-place award in the competition,” Tamer said. “Tara is a tremendous legal writing student. She was a member of the College of Law’s Teaching Fellow Program, which is a competitive program for the best legal writers at our law school.”

For the writing center directors, it was exceedingly rewarding to see one of their students reach such an amazing achievement. UNT Dallas College of Law’s Writing Center has had several of its students win top prizes at legal writing competitions across the state, and it’s quickly becoming known as a law school that produces top legal writers.

“Tara Bush is one of our best legal writing students, and the Legal Writing Department is incredibly proud of her achievement,” said Tamer. “Tara, who will graduate this spring, will no doubt go on to do great things as member of the legal community."