Talented law student is former state trooper and federal sky marshall

Laneshia Jordan - UNT Dallas COL Student

You can’t always judge a book by its cover.  Most people probably wouldn’t guess that Laneshia Jordan, UNT Dallas College of Law second-year student, has experienced the type of life that’s often created by writers on primetime TV shows.  

Years before Laneshia began hitting her law books, she was enforcing the law on our dangerous streets. Employed as a Texas State Trooper for ten years, Laneshia was stationed in several counties throughout the state. 

She fondly remembers cruising the highways of Dallas, Collin and Tarrant counties, as well as some of the dusty, unpaved roads of El Paso and central Texas. 

“Being a state trooper taught me a lot about patience and acceptance,” she said.  “I also learned about discretion and being fair.”  Healthy measures of discretion and fairness will serve Laneshia well when she becomes a practicing attorney. 

As if capturing her dreams and a fair share of assailants wasn’t exciting enough, Laneshia set her sights on the friendly skies.  She also protected passengers for five years while serving as a Federal Air Marshall. 

“Although stationed in Washington, D.C., it was an occupation that allowed me to see the world,” she said. “I was afforded the opportunity to go to places such as Africa, Dubai, Singapore, Japan, England, Germany and Italy.” 

Traveling the highways and skyways have shaped Laneshia as a professional.  Studying Texas Law Codes with peers has reminded her to make each day count and to count each day as a chance to become better equipped to help others.       

Laneshia remembers the exact moment she was stricken with an overwhelming desire to become an attorney.  “I decided to become a lawyer in the third grade, when my social studies class held a Moot Court.  I do not remember if I was defense counsel or the prosecutor, but I was hooked from that moment,” she recounted. 

“I chose UNT Dallas College of Law because of locale and affordability," Laneshia said. "I live in DeSoto, and UNT Dallas College of Law is the closest law school to me. Additionally, it’s the most affordable law school in the North Texas area. My law school is more representative of the tightly-knit society we call America.

"The students and faculty are both diverse in that there are various ethnicities, races and nationalities present.”

Akin to Laneshia’s varied interests in law enforcement, she is just as diverse in her thoughts in regards to practicing law.  “I’ve not yet decided on which type of law I intend to practice, although I would like them to intersect at Entertainment and the Innocence Clinic.  I actually have a client now, who I’m researching the possibility of his exoneration,” Laneshia revealed. 

“That being said, I also want to have a hand in Civil Rights Law, though it will most likely transpire within my pro bono commitment. At UNT Dallas College of Law I’ll get everything I need to be successful. That’s why I’m here.”