A Statement from UNT Dallas


Law school can be stressful, particularly the weeks leading up to semester finals. When a student’s behavior manifests in a way that could be deemed harmful to the individual or the university community, the University of North Texas at Dallas activates an interdisciplinary team of experienced mental health, law enforcement and administrative professionals to assess the student in a caring and confidential environment.  

While federal privacy laws prevent the university from commenting on specific student interventions, be assured the health, safety and well-being of the student, and the safety and protection of the College of Law and the university community in general, is our top priority. As a law school community whose very mission is to promote justice and advance human potential, we will respect the rights of all individuals involved in the process. 

The College of Law and the university provide counseling services to help students maintain their overall mental, emotional, psychological and physical well-being. We encourage students to take advantage of these counseling services throughout the school year, and especially during those stressful times. For information about counseling services, please email: studentaffairs@untdallas.edu.