Dean A. Felecia Epps Responds to George Floyd's Tragic Death


The tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis has shined a spotlight on an appalling stain plaguing America, institutional racism. 

The latest episode of police violence against an African American man has sparked a flame that can be seen around the globe. 

Protests have swelled in Germany, England, Japan, Australia, China and Canada as numerous other countries have weighed in to acknowledge our struggle with generations of social injustice. 

While America grapples with the anger and pain of Mr. Floyd’s death, the world watches and mourns with us.

During tumultuous periods in our history, lawyers have always been tasked with an extraordinary charge. 

We must remain vigilant and prepared to react within the law as our friends and family try to reconcile the inhumane treatment against another unarmed black man. 

As frustrations continue to pour out into our streets through peaceful and provocative demonstrations, the lawyering community has to stand up for the aggrieved and stand up with the accused.     

While honing your skills to practice law, remember to sharpen your senses as well. 

Exercise empathy for those who suffer the inequity of racism. 

Recognize how it affects all of us when it threatens any of us.  Listen attentively and learn.   

As an attorney, your clients will be well-served when you understand why they feel slighted, defeated, wronged or overwhelmed. 

Compassion is essential to becoming a great lawyer. Seek greatness.