Dallas County Expunctions Expo

Cynthia Yepiz, Juris Doctor Candidate 2023

Our law students recently participated in the Dallas County Expunctions Expo. Attorneys and law students, under the direction of supervising attorneys, volunteered to file expunction petitions for qualifying individuals. This year over 1000 applicants signed-up to participate. The Expo is a sponsored by the District Attorney, The District Clerk and the Public Defender. The expo had a profound effect on our students. Below is a reflection from the experience.

Participating in the expunction expo was a rewarding experience for me. I appreciated being able to help a father of four complete paperwork that will eventually give him more opportunities than he had before the expunction. I understand how hard it can be for a parent to seek employment or housing with something like a criminal record following you around because I witnessed it with my father. The client was very thankful for the expungement opportunity, and I hope to assist in future expunction expos.

Cynthia Yepiz, Juris Doctor Candidate 2023

Dallas County District Attorney's Office